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In the world of Oryn, on the continent of Therinth’el there was once a great empire called Ivenall. All the good races of the land, elves, dwarves, humans, etc. were a part of this empire and all coexisted in a usually mutual peace. This collaboration resulted in works far greater than any race could achieve on their own. Insights into architecture, law, engineering, and especially magic flourished.

This Golden Age, however, eventually come to an end. Ivenall’s grasp of magic quickly surpassed their wisdom and restraint. It was so long ago that no one now knows how it started or why but magic turned against those who used it. Waves of chaotic magic washed across the land destroying or twisting people, places, and even the laws of reality themselves. Ivenall was quickly destroyed in this Great Cataclysm and the once great union of races passed form the world forever.

One of the greatest disasters of the Great Cataclysm was the shattering of the barriers that kept the various realms of existence separate. Holes were torn between the Material Plane of the mortals and the Infinite Abyss of the demons. As demons poured into Oryn feeding off the chaos of the Great Cataclysm, the gods themselves were forced to intervene to save their creations. The Pantheon of the Wise descended from their thrones in Celeste to walk the Material Plane and fight the Demon Princes back. So, begin the many years of the Planar War.

After the Great Cataclysm had subsided, and after the last skirmishes of the Planar War ere done, the world that was left was a broken one. Even without disasters from without the mortal races were left to fight over what little of their world was still livable. And fight they did. The Age of Chaos did not last as long as the old Golden Age, or even as long as the Planar War, but it was long enough.

Now, in this new and hopeful age, a shaky peace has come over the land. People have began to settle the land again and lines are drawn in the sand. New kingdoms arise. And heroes once again start their journeys into the world. But will their actions be enough to heal this Broken World?

Home Page

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